Zsolt Weiszbart is a managing partner A3 Ventures, which is an advisory firm that invests in and mentors early stage startups with strong technical foundations. Zsolt has is also a venture partner at Day One Capital, Hungary1s leading private venture found. He has been an active angel investor in tech startups since 2010, when he finished his studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In 2011, he cofounded Valley Connect, one of the first seed investment programs in Hungary. Distinction Ltd – a member of the first cohort – became one of the most notable startup success stories in Hungary, when Skyscanner acquired the team in 2014. In 2014 Zsolt established the White Summers Cofounder Program to provide pre-seed investment and comprehensive business and legal advice to young entrepreneurs with the help of White Summers, a Silicon Valley boutique law firm. A notable investment of the program is Shapr3D Inc. Besides the initial pre-seed investment, Zsolt introduced the project to Apple Inc, where Shapr3D became one of the flagship applications for the iPadPro. For almost 18 years, Zsolt was the Managing Director of the Hungarian branch of IFS, a leading global ERP vendor, working with enterprise software in Europe. Besides being a Stanford University graduate, Zsolt holds an MBA from Ohio University and he also has a Business Msc degree from the University of Pécs