Dr. Ronen Dagon began his career in 1984, as the Senior Advisor to the Israeli Minister of Economy, under Prime Minister Mr. Shimon Peres team. During the 1990s, Dr. Dagon was engaged by the World Bank as a senior executive and Consultant in Central European, Eastern European, and CIS countries, where he oversaw the successful establishment of leading initiatives. These include the execution of pension system legislation in Romania; various energy related projects in Georgia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan and Turkey; Telecommunications projects in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan; and Medical and Social insurance projects in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia.

In the last two decades Dr. Dagon served as a Senior Executive in leading funds in Israel. In addition, Dr. Dagon also served as a principal investor and operating executive in several international investment banking entities that involved the acquisition, growth and disposition of a number of companies in the financial and Insurance/Reinsurance services, mining, infrastructure and healthcare sectors.

In recent years Dr. Dagon gained extensive experience in fund management and investments across China and Africa where while being involved in the financing and execution of a variety of infrastructure projects. As Chairman of Compass  Group, Dr. Dagon has been active in the past years in leading fund management activities, managing a range of investment portfolio and rolling-out global investment projects. Dr. Dagon’s expertise also includes investments management in technology companies across a range of technology sectors including green tech, agro tech, energy, medical tech, homeland security, IOT, safe and smart cities, artificial intelligence, robotics and automotive.