Venture Capital Summit
2018. április 25. BMC


Building-up High-Tech Companies on a Global Level: What Factors Matter Most for Company Success? 

The ecosystem for European Start-up is very fragmented. We find companies expanding to US before they have considered other European countries for their business. Many of them believe that it is quite easy to find investors and to develop business far away in the US.

However, we need to develop our own ecosystem in Europe which might be very powerful. Looking to the companies HTGF has funded, you see that they have both pretty good chances to find investors or corporates which are interested in working together with them. Nevertheless, the start-up itself has usually poor own contacts to investors or to most of the corporates at their starting time. That´s why we need to have very active seed investors providing capital, networks and knowledge. Seed investors have the responsibility to connect the teams with potential investors. In addition the investor should assist in recruiting, finding right service experts like lawyers and so on.

We strongly believe in the strength of the regions. However, as long as the ecosystem is on a significant level we believe that we should connect the ecosystems globally. So, from our point of view it is important and creates additional value to connect VC-funds and start-ups from Hungary and Germany. So next to idea, team, concept, capital and timing we believe that the ecosystem is crucial for start-up success.